News and Updates and Changes - Oh My!

Hi pals, we've got news and updates and changes - oh my!
We’ve been having a blast bringing our new *play space design services* to life. Please get in touch if you are interested in chatting with us about this new offering. The past few months have reminded us that a dedicated, well-designed indoor play area can be super beneficial for kids and parents alike!

*Local deliveries and nationwide shipments* are still rolling! Thank you so much to everyone who has been shopping with us!

Aaaand drumroll please... We’re excited to announce that we’re launching a new *subscription* service soon! Stay tuned - we'll be revealing the details in the weeks to come!⁣⁣
Ok, time for some not-so-good news. We’re moving out of our space. This was such a difficult decision to make - we all worked so hard to create our magical home on E. Burnside. From Drag Queen Story Times to visits with Mrs. Claus, we are so grateful for all the memories and friends made there. So, we are moving to online only for the time being. We'll miss your smiles in the neighborhood but we'll still be seeing you for local deliveries, pop-ups, and more around town in Portland. And who knows, perhaps we’ll move into a new space sometime next year. We just aren’t sure what’s in store. ⁣⁣
Earlier this year we had been looking for ways to spice things up and make some changes - moving definitely wasn’t what we had in mind, but it’s ok. We are rolling with it and making the best of it! A ginormous thank you to all of our friends, family, neighbors, toymakers, adorable kiddo buds, and everyone who has believed in us and helped us become what we are so far!
The Made You Look online shop is OPEN and full of rad toys - with more on the way! Stay tuned for more play space design and a super special Made You Look subscription service coming soon!

Black Lives Matter


Angela Davis Quote, Graphic by Oliver Jeffers

We’ve seen over the last few months that the world can really make major changes if we want it to. Please know that Made You Look is committed to learning, listening, donating, and fully becoming an anti-racist ally in every which way we can.

If you’re in the market for some kid’s books + toys + clothes, here are some amazing Black owned businesses and makers to check out:

Brave + Kind Bookshop - a carefully curated selection of diverse and beautiful kids books

Le Petit Elle - gorgeous vintage inspired clothing

Me-Charis Dolls - amazing handmade dolls

Ashay by the Bay - the largest independent collection of African American and multi-cultural children's books

Sun and Lace - beautiful leather baby and toddler shoes

Marlo Bea - gorgeous handmade head wraps for kiddos

Little Likes Kids - puzzles, memory games, and more that showcase a ton of diversity

Kido Chicago - an awesome neighborhood toy store in Chicago

Harper and Iman Dolls - handmade linen keepsake dolls

And please, please send more suggestions our way!


Quote by Angela Davis, graphic by Oliver Jeffers

A Few New Offerings!

DELIVERIES: While out doing deliveries recently, I thought - I could do this even when the shop IS open. Consider it done - happy to do local deliveries anytime! Use code FREEDELIVERY for local orders over $50. There is a $5 charge for orders $49 and under.

PERSONAL SHOPPING + CUSTOM CARE PACKAGES: Customers have been getting in touch lots lately asking for suggestions for the kiddos in their lives. I would love for everyone to reach out like this all the time! It's so fun to read your questions, take time to put together ideas, and send them your way! Click here for details on Personal Shopping and Custom Care Packages.

PLAY SPACE DESIGN: Ok, this one is really new and extra exciting! The quarantine has made it clearer than ever how important it is to have a solid play set-up at home. And! It has made it clear that we needed to pivot, get creative, and think about what Made You Look can offer. We're excited to announce we're now offering play space design services!

Please get in touch if you need help designing a play space. We're part architect and part toy pro, and are the perfect duo to help you get your space in shape.

Click here to read all the details and get in touch if you're interested!