Black Lives Matter


Angela Davis Quote, Graphic by Oliver Jeffers

We’ve seen over the last few months that the world can really make major changes if we want it to. Please know that Made You Look is committed to learning, listening, donating, and fully becoming an anti-racist ally in every which way we can.

If you’re in the market for some kid’s books + toys + clothes, here are some amazing Black owned businesses and makers to check out:

Brave + Kind Bookshop - a carefully curated selection of diverse and beautiful kids books

Le Petit Elle - gorgeous vintage inspired clothing

Me-Charis Dolls - amazing handmade dolls

Ashay by the Bay - the largest independent collection of African American and multi-cultural children's books

Sun and Lace - beautiful leather baby and toddler shoes

Marlo Bea - gorgeous handmade head wraps for kiddos

Little Likes Kids - puzzles, memory games, and more that showcase a ton of diversity

Kido Chicago - an awesome neighborhood toy store in Chicago

Harper and Iman Dolls - handmade linen keepsake dolls

And please, please send more suggestions our way!


Quote by Angela Davis, graphic by Oliver Jeffers