Crazy Amazing Playgrounds!

Our pal Sarah is on an epic roadtrip in Scandinavia and has been posting pictures of incredible playgrounds she and her family have visited. Inspired by her, we rounded up a handful of rad playgrounds around the world for you - some are super far away, one is right here in Portland.

The Blue Whale in Sweden is 50 feet long!
The Academie Lafayette Playground in Kansas City, MO includes a beautifully wide slide structure, which covers a passage/tunnel way that's big enough to be a house.
The Odense Zoo Playground in Denmark includes a giant lion, savannah grasses perfect for hide and seek, a tower, and safari vehicles – and the zoo was rated one of the best in Europe.
Based on progressive ideas of childhood development, Imagination Playground in Manhattan allows children to build their own fun.
The Noguchi Playscape in Atlanta is an angular brutalist playground that turns playtime into modern art time. 

The “Ibtasem” Playground in Bar Elias, Lebanon – a city that hosts about 150,000 Syrian refugees – was constructed after an extensive design consultation with the camp’s children. The playground is a modular playscape that can be recycled when the refugee camp is no longer necessary – and the children participated in some elements of the build.

If you find yourself in the Dallas area, make a detour to Benbrook, TX to visit Giganta - a giant vintage robot who has slides for hands! 

Orenco Woods Nature Park just outside Portland in Hillsboro has a nature themed playground that includes Stickwork sculptures by artist Patrick Dougherty.