Hip to the Hop - Easter countdown + traditions!

Easter is right around the corner! Locals, make sure to place your orders by Thursday, April 1st! Out-of-towners, place your orders by Sunday, March 28th!

Click here to check out ideas for Easter basket fillers! We have a selection of pre-made baskets to save you on time, and lots of treats à la carte. Some favorite picks this year are these super cute bunny and golden egg surprise balls and all of the springy crayons

Being at home so much over the last year has made it more clear than ever that holidays and traditions are where it's at. What are your favorite Easter traditions?

Dying a zillion eggs?
A fancy brunch with family?
Perhaps it's the special potatoes with cornflakes mixed in that your friends from the Midwest make!?

In Finland kids dress up as Easter witches and deliver special twigs to neighbors - and in some areas they sit still for long periods of time (!) and stare at grass waiting for it to grow!

Residents of Corfu, Greece throw pottery out their windows on Easter Saturday to ward off bad spirits - a tradition called the botides.

I'm planning to dye lots and lots of eggs and make cascarones - a Mexican-American tradition of filling eggs with confetti. Kiddos can chase each other and smash them on each other's heads! (Maybe do a slight, secret pre-smash so it doesn't hurt the little ones...!)