Fink Toys / Finkelstein's CenterYou've seen the Fink's. They've been the stars of our windows since we opened. Maybe you've even adopted one! We got to chatting with the main Creature Maker at Fink Toys, Michelle, and asked her a few questions. 

Which Fink do you identify closest with? 
I think I most identify with sloth. I picture him being adventurous but in a really introverted way. He moves at his own pace but eventually gets where he's going. He seems shy at first but also has a couple of good corny jokes up his sleeves. 

How did you learn to sew such expressive yet simple faces?
They started as illustrations. Getting the spacing right was where I spent the most time. For the stuffed versions I would move pins around until I could imagine how the expression would convey. I've always enjoyed simple line drawings. I think it was only natural that they turned out simple. 

Do you have any pets?
I do! I currently have two dogs. If I could I would have dogs, cats, pigs, goats, the works! I have always loved animals and it's hard for me to only have a couple. The two I have now are Bernie, a Brittany, and Captain, a regular ole working hound. We adopted Captain to keep Bernie company (and out of trouble). It mostly worked and now they are best friends. We've had both about 10 years. Did I mention that Captain only has three legs? He's the best.

Thank you for chatting, Michelle! And for bringing all the magical Finks into the world. 

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