Toymaker Spotlight: Slumberkins

We're so excited to welcome Slumberkins to Made You Look! Slumberkins are a hybrid between a stuffed animal and a security blanket, and each one comes with an accompanying rhyme that promotes a life skill. For example, since sloths are so slow, the Sloth Slumberkin represents relaxation and calming down.

Slumberkins was started in 2015 by two Vancouver, WA based best friends, Callie and Kelly, while they were on maternity leave from their jobs as a school therapist and a special education teacher. They were at our pop-up last week and are complete gems. We loved chatting with them about their kids (6 between the two of them!), their time as serious athletes, and their experience on the TV show Shark Tank last fall! 

We can't get enough of them and love that their commitment to helping children navigate challenges is at the heart of the brand with each Slumberkin teaching concepts like positivity, inclusion, and self-worth.
Check out our Slumberkins collection here!