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Toymaker Spotlight: Waytoplay

Not quite sure how but we are still one of only a few spots in the US to get your hands on Waytoplay's road tracksWe've been carrying Waytoplay since we opened, and are still obsessed with these flexible rubber tracks.

Based in the Netherlands, Waytoplay is a true mom & pop operation. In 2003, designer Sybren Jelles’ son Joep was 3 and absolutely lived for taking his toy cars outside. While playing one day, Sybren had a lightbulb moment imagining rubber road tracks that could withstand any outdoor condition & make playing with cars even more fun. Joep’s fourth birthday was right around the corner so Sybren hustled to create it by then. It turned out to be an incredibly expensive prototype of a birthday present, but he made it happen.

Sybren and his wife Marise, with Joep and sibling Bente, spent the following years playing with the tracks at home – slowly hatching the idea of turning the tracks into a business, and in 2012 they went for it. In 2013 the pilot run sold out instantly at a shop in Haarlem in the Netherlands and they knew they were on to something. The tracks are now sold in over 30 countries, and are in high demand – ours sold out over the holiday season in a blink! Follow Waytoplay’s adventure here & check out our collection of tracks here.