Easter Baskets!

Word on the street is that the grown-ups are busy working from home, home-schooling and managing distance learning, and cooking one trillion meals per week. We figured we could help out a teeny tiny bit by putting together Easter baskets! Click here to check out our pre-made Easter baskets and all kinds of treats that can fit in a basket! Yay!

Snow Jams!

Happy Holidays, friends! 

Please enjoy these SNOW JAMS for your living room dancing & cookie baking! Click here to find the full playlist on Spotify. Some classics, some new finds, and some of our all-time favorites. We hope you love it!

Our December Knock Knock Box theme was SNOW JAMS! Each box was filled with snowy musical treasures - including this playlist that really wanted to be shared with the rest of the world, too!⁣⁣
PS: there’s still time to send a Knock Knock Box gift subscription! Choose the kiddo’s age and the number of boxes you’d like to send. Then we’ll email you a custom printable with the lucky kiddo’s name on it for now. They’ll be so excited when they receive their first Knock Knock Box in the new year!

Play Space Design Services + Consulting

We are so excited to offer play space + kid-friendly home design services and consulting! We're equal parts architect and toy pro, and we would love to help you transform your space into an awesome kid-friendly zone. Your space can still look like yours, with added touches to make it work for everyone in the family! We can work with your budget (and what you already have!) to create the perfect plan. 

A few reasons why this might be a great fit for you:

  • Interested in creating a more intentional space for your child’s development
  • Spending more time at home
  • Feeling overwhelmed by your set-up as it is now
  • A new baby on the way
  • Have a small space and not sure how to make it work
  • You have ideas but no time or not quite sure how to bring them to life
  • Wishing your space was kid-friendly but still looked like your space
  • You just have a mess of toys all over your house! 

Ready? Ok! Click here for all of the details. And please feel free to reach out with any questions: hi @ madeyoulookpdx .com

We’re so excited to work with you to create an amazing space for your kiddo!

High five,
Lilah and Carey