40 Unit Blocks | Natural Wood

40 Unit Blocks | Natural Wood

The most classic of classic toys: unit blocks!

CREATIVE PLAY: Show off your imagination and creativity through block building! The natural wood blocks provide limitless way of playing as they are open-ended toys, allowing kids to play as a construction set or a learning tool for math.

SUPPORTS DEVELOPMENT: This set helps improve their math skills as it comes with different geometrical shapes. They can learn about sorting, ordering, sizes, direction and balance while developing their fine motor skills through grasping, grabbing and holding. Their hand-eye coordination gets to practice when they put a block over the other one and balance it. It also helps kids develop language and communication skills either when playing alone or with other playmates.

INCLUDES: 40 pieces of 4 shapes of blocks: cylinder, pyramid and cuboid.

  • Made in Thailand with eco-friendly materials & sustainable manufacturing
  • Ages 18 months and way up. Fun for older kids to mix in with other toys like Magnatiles!

Based in Thailand, Plan Toys has been making sustainable toys for over 35 years using sustainable rubberwood and adhering to environmental standards. Educational, affordable, environmentally friendly, beautiful, and fun!