Doctor Kit

Doctor Kit

What brings you in today for a visit? 
Well seems I can't quite get a full night's sleep. 
And how long have you had these symptoms?
Since I was about 6 months pregnant with you!
Hmm, sounds like you have strep throat. Take a lot of pink medicine and don't go to work!

A silly way of saying this is an excellent doctor set to use for imaginative play!

Pretend you're a real doctor, take care of friends, work on your fine motor skills, learn to be sympathetic and empathetic.

  • Set includes four basic medical tools, with two medicine bottles, and a handy doctor case
  • Ages 3+

Based in Thailand, Plan Toys has been making sustainable toys for over 35 years using sustainable rubberwood and adhering to environmental standards. Educational, affordable, environmentally friendly, beautiful, and fun!