Eco Play Dough, Set of 6
Eco Play Dough, Set of 6
Eco Play Dough, Set of 6

Eco Play Dough, Set of 6

Hooray! Play dough made with natural ingredients!

This exploratory molding dough features vibrant and earthy colors, dyed with soy-based non-toxic pigments. Essential oils keep the dough soft and pliable.

eco-dough™ is an original in the natural dough market and was first introduced at the Hollywood Farmers Market in 2008 in Los Angeles.

It's safe, unique, and ready to create anything your kids can imagine.

  • Set includes 6 reusable screw top jars, each are 4 ounces
  • Made in USA
  • Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Orange
  • Packaging measures 6 7.25"W x 6"D x 3"H
  • Ingredients: non GMO flour, salt, cream of tartar, soy oil, organic rosemary oil, vitamin E oil, water, citric acid, potassium sorbate, FDA approved soy based organic and inorganic pigments
  • Eco-dough will last up to a year as long as it is stored properly in the tightly closed jars provided. Store in a cool dry place - shaded from direct sunlight. Add a few drops of olive oil and rework if dough is left out and becomes dry. Use water and sponge if product gets into carpet
  • Ages 3 and up