Knock Knock Box

Knock Knock Box

"It's the best day of the month!" - say happy Knock Knock Box subscribers when they receive their monthly package deliveries!

We introduced our subscription service, the Knock Knock Box, in October of 2020 and have been having a blast shipping out orders ever since!

Every month (or whenever exactly you choose - check out the options) you'll have a curated box of age-appropriate fun arrive at your door! It's as much of the magic of Made You Look that we can possibly fit in one package!

What's in a Knock Knock Box, you ask? Special toys, little treasures - and always a book! Sometimes it's one extra special big toy and a book, sometimes it's a few littler gems and a book. And each box has it's own special theme!

How to order:

  1. Choose the kiddo's age.
  2. Add to Cart.
  3. Look for the "Special Instructions" section on the cart page. Leave a note here with the child's date of birth so we can automatically go to the next age up when the time comes. Include the kiddo's name, too, so we can personalize the packages.

Curious to know what a few past Knock Knock Boxes included? Click here and here to check out a few past social media posts to get a peek into some Knock Knock Boxes!

Interested in signing up for a subscription, but have a question? Feel free to send us an email!

Knock Knock Boxes have a $5 flat rate for shipping/delivery. Thank you for supporting our small business!