Apartment 31
Apartment 31
Apartment 31

Apartment 31

"Apartment 31" is a "wooden apartment block of the imagination" by Japanese design brand Kukkia and their gg* line of toys. A beautiful wooden house for kids – and it can serve as an heirloom advent calendar during the holidays!

Lift the 31 doors - they flip up to reveal little compartments. Number 25 is the roof/attic where you can store bigger treasures. It's a wonderful toy with many uses:

  • You can store treasures in it year-round! 
  • Advent calendar / countdown to any special day!
  • Have a treasure hunt! Hide things in your favorite room. Can mom or dad guess which room you chose?
  • Play a memory game! Conceal pairs of items and then take turns to find a complete pair. Whoever finds the most pairs, wins!

More details:

  • Includes gift boxes, felt Santa hat, and felt smoke to decorate it for the holidays
  • Made from FSC-approved, responsibly sourced beech wood. Matte finish with natural and safe beeswax coating.
  • Measures 14 x 12.5 x 3 inches
  • Recommended for ages 3+