Hoyt Arboretum Trail Packet

Hoyt Arboretum Trail Packet

The best gift for a Portland kid? A trail packet made by Super Nature Adventures! This pack is all about  the Redwoods Trail in the Hoyt Arboretum.

The mighty evergreen tree takes center stage in this special trail packet for Hoyt Arboretum. Use the scavenger map to explore the park’s evergreen varieties along the Fir and Redwood loop.

​The packet focuses on identifying features of different kinds of evergreen trees found along the route, and includes scavenger stickers and Field Guide activities designed to help kids become Tree Detectives.  

Kids get to feel like tree experts, as the whole family explores the wonders of Pacific Northwest forest habitat. The result is a special nature adventure that's perfect any time of year.

Packet Details:

  • Trail Map for 0.9 mile loop that includes the Arboretum’s special Redwood viewing platform
  • Nature Find Scavenger Stickers focusing on different kinds of needs and cones
  • Field Guide with activities all about evergreen trees
  • All maps & stickers are made with waterproof material.
  • Every packet also includes a special “Code of the Trail” to support families as they prepare their kids for the trail, and a special Super Nature Hero sticker to collect.
  • Created by Portland parents and tested by Portland kids