MAZE: A DIY Virtual Reality Adventure
MAZE: A DIY Virtual Reality Adventure
MAZE: A DIY Virtual Reality Adventure
MAZE: A DIY Virtual Reality Adventure
MAZE: A DIY Virtual Reality Adventure
MAZE: A DIY Virtual Reality Adventure

MAZE: A DIY Virtual Reality Adventure

MAZE is so many things, all in one, and makes for the most amazing gift for anyone in the 8 and up crowd in your life. It's a classic game, reinvented into an award-winning virtual reality adventure that combines high-quality materials with cutting-edge technology.

1. First, you CREATE

Start in this dimension by designing your own maze. Build pathways with the walls, punch holes in the floor card to create traps, set start and finish points, then place the wooden marble into your maze to play. With magnetic walls and extra floor cards, there are endless ways to redesign and play your Maze. 

2. Next, you TRANSFORM

Download the free Maze app to transform your game into Virtual Reality. Take a photo of your maze to transport into the app. Then customize the theme, add selfies, and record your own sounds effects. Create traps, riddles, and more.

3. Now, you RACE

Step into the next dimension and play your Maze in Virtual Reality. Secure your device into the included cardboard VR viewer, then look through the viewer to experience your maze as if you’re the marble! Connect multiple devices over WiFi and Bluetooth to challenge friends and family to a race to the finish.  



The first of its kind, Maze is a STEAM toy that seamlessly blends physical and digital elements for an exciting new way to play. Maze enhances critical thinking, spatial intelligence, and problem-solving skills while introducing kids to science, technology, engineering, art + design, and mathematics.

  • Science: Inspires critical thinking, hands-on experimentation
  • Technology: Offers intro to digital game design. Enhances sequencing and reasoning skills
  • Engineering: Introduces basic mechanics of physics. Observe dynamics of inertia and velocity
  • Arts: Design and build the maze grid. Personalize app play with photos, audio, visual messages.
  • Mathematics: Place 3D blocks onto grid paper to map pathways. Test blocks in  varying lengths to alter game play.


More details:

  • Sleek Storage: The Maze game box is designed to keep the wooden maze and all the components neatly organized for easy and simple storage when not in use.
  • Age: Recommended for ages 8+
  • About the app: The Maze app by Seedling is available on iOS and Android* devices. Compatible with iOS11. Best accessory for iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, iPhone X, and Android devices. *Multiplayer feature available on iOS only.
  • Box includes: 
    • Wooden Maze Game Board
    • 40 Magnetic Maze Walls
    • 5 Reusable Floor Grids
    • Start & Finish Stickers
    • 3 Wooden Marbles
    • Cardboard Virtual Reality Viewer
    • Instructions
  • BONUS! Every Maze comes with a free virtual reality viewer! Place your iPhone, iPod or Android device into the viewer and step inside your own virtual reality adventure.